Session I – Yuva Utkarsh Shibir

Highlights of 36th Yuva Utkarsh Shibir – Session 1

1. Centre of our life.

We can change policy matter , can not change principle matter

Goal of our life
what would you like to you have – good family
what would you like to do – good deeds
what do you want to be – a Good human being

Introspect yourself

2. Character of our life.

Universal definition of Sin.

Sin is that makes us fear before doing and if caught after doing we might have to cry.

Always keep away from such sins in life.

Can we say with confidence that our character is free from any such sin.

3. Centre of Communication

Communication gap is the main reason for misunderstanding within family.

Our life is moving towards robotic lifestyle , we are moving away from interaction with others even when personal talks can achieve the task very easily.

Social , family , religious and personal communication what is the time we give towards each of the above, A proper distribution of time for each is a must.

A simple question

Does your family members like to sit with you or vice versa ? Your answer will help you identify where we are

Three steps of effective communication

a. Sampark

b. Sahavas

c. Sanidhya ( long time)

4. Centre of our Contribution

What have we contributed towards the society

5.Centre of our company ( association)

Whose company do we like will ?

Our answer will define where we are headed in life.

Historically we all know

Krishna got Sudama, Ram association is with Sabri and Prabhu mahaveer association was with Punya Shravak.

Now what is our wish what we would like to be…..

Would we like to be RAM, PRABHU MAHAVEER or Shri Krishna

What we would like to be will show our X-RAY.

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Chari Palit Sangh to Shri Nageshwar Parshwanath Tirth(Rajasthan)

Gurubhakt Anandbhai Bardoli


Jainacharya talks about how to make TEARS our STRENGTH in life