Live Pravachan Date:30th Sept 2016 TATVAGYAN Series 3

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Live Pravachan Date:29th Sept 2016

Daily: 8:30am Onwards

Exclusive pravachan
Acharya Ratnasundersuri Maharaj Saheb


Live from

Shri Alkapuri Jain Sangh,Vadodra

Ratnatrayee Trust

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Live Pravachan Date:28th Sept 2016

Date:28th Sept 2016
Daily: 8:30am Onwards

Exclusive pravachan
Acharya Ratnasundersuri Maharaj Saheb


Live from
Shri Alkapuri Jain Sangh,Vadodra

Ratnatrayee Trust

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1. A trees strength lies in its roots

Our root is PUNYA if that is not there PURSHARTH will not bear fruits

SANSAR Kshetra Root is PUNYA

What are we in depression about
a. My Punya is less
b. My success is less

PUNYA mev Jayate
we must always try to make sure that the roots go deeper and deepr in our life
Increase our PUNYA daily

Ways to increase our PUNYA
1. Pray to GOD (To take away all our greviences so that we can do more PUNYA )
SATSANG is necessary in our life
Are we always finding ways to do SATSANG (Burning Desire for SATSANG)
How much time have we spared for SATSANG
What efforts have we taken

How much time are we ready to give to read any SADGRANTH


4. SADVICHAR (Good Thoughts)

Are we ready to accept
a. We are ready to accept what we say always (never go back on our words).
Possible / Difficult / impossible
where are we from above three

b.Can we tell what we are thinking without any change

We have to create our own goodwill in life

we all need to have a BACKBONE for out proper functioning of life so that we function properly without any disturbance

Cream Quotation
Our issue is not who is disturbing us, the issue is we are getting disturbed because of whom

Till Kartak Purnima ” Read Good SAHITYA daily for 15 min “

Live Pravachan Date:27th Sept 2016

Date:27th Sept 2016

1. Long time (Dirghkaal)
2. Without Break ( Nirantar)
3. With Interest (SATKAR Purvak – Dilchaspi)

Where are getting demoralized

By giving reasons we are trying to hide our wanting to do wrong

If we agree and support what we like we do that then be it getting angry or bringing PARIVARTAN in life after listening to gurudevshris pravachans

There is no situation in life which can bring anger

Our problem is nothing else than our EGO (ANGER is byproduct of our EGO)

Road side food is swadist (tastey) but not healthy

Bitter Gourd ( not Tastey) but its healthy

Rasgulla is swadist (tastey) and healthy

dust is netiher tastey nor healthy

Dharma Is healthy we have to add our hearty feelings (sugar) to it

with what will be co relate our dharma from all the above four categories

Where we are

Dharma 100% is healthy , Whoever creates interest in DHARMA its tastey for them and if interest is missing then one might feel its unhealthy.

Dharma is milk without sugar, if we put sugar milk will become sweet it we add sugar (add our interest) in dharma we will get interest else it will reamin as it is.

because of Dev/ GURU/ PARENTS we have been blessed with jain dharma , now if we fail to create interest in jain dharma its our loss , no one elses

how so ever small dharma we might be doing keep it up in life , inculcate interest and we are sure at achieve happiness which we have never experienced in life.

Dharma during Parva is to create interest for our entire life time.

What energy is  stopping us which we are not getting associated with DHARMA

We have Milk , we have sugar and it can become tastey provided we are ready to add sugar to our milk

even a small Autodrive can do dharma prabhavana
Howsoever small our contribution in DHARMA prabhavana it is sure to bear fruits in our life

Its upto us what we want to do with the sugar we have

Step 1. Kaya ( we were taken to Gurubhagwants when we were small)
Step 2. Vachan ( We started saying stuti etc )
Step3. Mun ( We start understang DHARMA)


Step1. Begins in MUN
Step2 . In Vachan
Step3. In Kaya

We will have to be truthful to ourselves

Golden Yuva shibir Date:25th Sept 2016

GOLDEN YUVA SHIBIR Date:25th Sept 2016



TATVAGYAN SERIES 2 Pravachan Date:23rd Sept 2016

|| Acharya Shri Ratnasundar M.S. ||
Golden Chaturmas 2016
Alkapuri Jain Sangh Vadodara Guj
# Vyakhyan Highlights 23/09/16 #
~ Tatva Gyan vyakhyan …. 2

# Adhyatma jagat ki 3 baatein :
(1) Sadhan (Instrument)
(2) Sadhna (Process)
(3) Sadhya (Goal / Lakshya)

Duniya bhale hi bigade lekin apne Mann ko bigadne mat do. Mann ki prasannata aur nirmalta banaye rakkho.

=> Eg. 1
– Sadhan : Mandir.
– Sadhna : Darshan, Puja, Bhakti.
– Sadhya : Bhagwan ki ek agya – tere chitta ko sfatik jaisa nirmal banao. Vastu, Vyakti, Paristithi kaisi bhi ho, chitta ki prasannata banaye rakhna mahatva ki baat hai.

=> Eg. 2
– Sadhan : Katashnu
– Sadhna : Samayik
– Sadhya : Chitta ki nirmalta

#  Mera mann kaisa hai ? 6 Prakaar ki Buddhi / Chitta ke 6 vikalp :

Jisske saath mann mutav ho jaye uss par dukh aane se mann mein anand ho, aisi galat soch. Mitra ke sukh mein anand nahi aur dushman ke dukh mein anand – ye hai kutsit buddhi.

Apke apeksha viruddha kaam ho to aap krodhit ho jaayein aisi manodasha. Ego par control karo krodh par apne aap control ho jayega. Har sthiti mein Sadbhav banaye rakkho.

Doubtful, uncertainty mein rehna – Karu ya na karu aisi mansik sthiti – judgement hi nahi le pana. Eg. Donation dena ya na dena ? Kisi ne zaroori tha utna poora donation de diya to mera paisa bach jaane ka swarthi anand – ye hai kunthit buddhi. Dharm ke kshetra mein “abhi nahi” to “fir kabhi” ?

Karya karte karte karya kushalta aa jaana. Continuity se karya aasaan ho jaana. Eg. Pehli baar ka loch dardsheel hota hai lekin karte karte aasaan ho jaata hai. Dharm mein pehle anubhav ko antim mat samjho – karte raho to aage anand aayega.

Mera kartavya hai wo bina kahe apne aap samaj ke karna, aisa bhaav. Kuchh karya ko chhodna pade to chhod kar bhi kartavya poora karna chahiye.

Wohi sochunga jisse mera aur sabka Kalyan ho. Shabd, Sadhya, karm aisa hi jis se kalyan ho.

Sabse shresth – Kalyan buddhi aur Kartavya buddhi.

NIYAM : Koi bhi sthiti mein mann yadi kuchh negative bolne ko chahe to 3 minute ruk jaana aur fir bolna.🙏🏼

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