Nitivakyam Day 18

When happiness comes into our life, our mind does not think that it will remain forever. But when sorrow strikes, we feel that it will be for lifetime. This makes us think negatively and is a reason for most suicides.

There are two things that can reduce sorrow in our life:
1. Patience
2. Time

After every sunrise there will be sunset, after every autumn there is winter, after a full moon there will be no moon and every happiness there will be sorrow as well. Our mentality has become such that we do not want happiness to go away and do not want sorrow to stay in our lives. What is our strength to wait during times of sorrow? The tide that comes in the sea stays for a certain period of time. We must never judge anything based on this time. If we take decisions during times of sorrow, we might go wrong and our life will be spoil’t. We must have patience and allow time to pass by.

“Time can heal a lot of things”

How many times have we regretted after going on the spiritual path and how many times have we regretted after committing sins? In life whenever there is temptation, we have to wait and not go any further. If we don’t have the strength to wait, then temptation will become a reason for fall. It is important to wait during temptation and have patience during pain. Negativity does come during times of sorrow. Love has a positive approach.
These days will also pass by and hence we should have patience. We lose from our hearts itself. We must never take any decision during times of sorrow. Life will bring sorrow along with happiness.

Is there any one happiness in life where our opinion does not change? We keep adjusting in life as we are never happy with one thing. The times of happiness will be less and sorrowful times will be more in life. Why are we not ready to accept the sorrow that we will somehow accept after 2 years? What is the trouble in accepting it now? We are always attracted to what is not there in our lives and our interest ends when we get it. We don’t feel sorry after going on the spiritual path but we feel sorry when we miss the opportunity of religion. We will feel happy if we have left the opportunity of committing sins.

More than sorrow, having faults is bad. The ocean has the collection of all the water in the world and there is nothing parallel to it. But a thirsty person will still go in search of a small lake or a bucket of water to quench his thirst. Even we will be in the position of an ocean if people who come to us do not experience peace. A person wanting to go on the spiritual path will hardly have anyone to support or come along. Only if we reduce our requirements can be reach the mountain top. When disease attacks the body, we should never give it the support of our heart and mind, otherwise it will disturb us completely. If there is fault or imperfection in our mind, we should never give it the support of our body.

In life time is a very big capital or stock we can possess. When there is sorrow in life, let time pass but and it will heal everything. 

If our efforts to change a situation goes in vain, we have change our mind.



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