Nitivakyam Day 16

“A bowl of nectar becomes useless if it is mixed with even a drop of poison”



A bowl of nectar becomes useless with poison. Similarly religion is the nectar that can become worthless if combined with sins. Our sins will end the strength of our religion. Why do we want to become friends with poison while we have nectar with us. God says that if our sins are committed in compulsion and helplessness, it is worth forgiving but we commit sins because we want to. Days have come when we follow our religion in compulsion and commit sins happily, whereas it has to be vice versa.

While going to the temple, we are not able to concentrate on God’s idol even for 5 minutes and we can keep staring at a beautiful girl on the street for hours! If we cannot leave our sins, we must at least not commit them in happiness. We have to try and follow our religion and remember God with our whole heart even if it is for some time.

 A good vessel will definitely be spoil’t if it is going to carry acid in it. 

Any work that is done with content will go in excess – whether it is good or bad. When we do something in compulsion, we always will look forward to end it and minus it from our life. We safe guard our money in the banks thinking it is safe but have we safe guarded our good deeds in our religion? The person who can leave his rights is Ram and the person who picks up something that is not his rights is Raavan. We are not even ready to check where our good deeds would be safe.

An enemy of darkness will protect a candle. An enemy of sorrow will protect his religion.

In this world, there sorrow will definitely strike, but the one who goes on the spiritual path and protects his religion will be safe. If we want to safe guard our good deeds and be away from sorrow, we have to invest in religion. What is our mentality?

“The person who makes his mind a slave is an abdicator and the person who becomes slaves to his mind is a hedonist”

We keep gathering and storing items that we feel have strength. Let us store good things as people will only remember what we left behind us, rather than what we have stored. Only a person who does good deeds will be remembered after his death. A person who has invested his good deeds in religion will be safe in the future but a person who has invested his good deeds in sins will have to live worse than a beggar in the future.

“A disease is not contagious but an imperfection or a flaw is contagious”

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