Nitivakyam Day 15


“Be on the alert to recognize your prime at whatever time of your life it may occur”

It is necessary to be alert always in the case of religion. A person who is not alert all the time is in for trouble.  Have we wondered the reason of our life? Have we wondered the reason we have got religion, eyes, mind, heart, money etc?

There are three types of situation in our life:

1. Saying “Yes”: 

When we are in our childhood, we say Yes for everything – playing, eating and having fun.

2. Asking “Why?”:

When we become a little mature we start asking questions and want a reason for everything. A spiritual person asks why are we wasting so much of time doing worldly chores. A worldly person asks why to spend so much time on religion? What is our preparation for our next birth? Leave alone the preparations, we do not want to even think about it. Unless the “Why” question does not arise, our spirits will not rise.

3. Asking “Why Not?”:

There is no question or answer in saying Yes. But for a question containing “why” we can answer by saying “why not?” When the question comes from within, we will be able to answer “why not”. We might say this is  not the time to focus on religion, but a spiritual person would say – why not?. It is important to make the heart and mind independent. We want to have our own house, clothes, car etc but don’t we want to become the masters of our mind?

There are again three sins that disturb the mind and if we come out of these sins we will gain independence of our mind.

1. Temptation (लालच या प्रलोबन): 
Greed or temptation will convert our mind into slaves.  We become aroused and inflamed because of greed. A simple Rs 50/- poster arouses us and creates excitement in us. Can a poster disturb our mentality so much? A saint has the strength of saying “No”. We have to learn to say No to greed and it is definitely as big challenge. Greed or temptation disturbs mind and the only solution to it is to be away from it, avoid it and say No. A virtuous man can also become prey to temptation.

2.  Greed or Cupidity (लोभ):
Temptation comes in front of us but greed is when we think of the future and start planning from now what we would buy etc. Which disturbs us more – Temptation or Greed? In greed, mind will act in favor of the body and not soul.

3. Totally Helpless (लाचारी):
Helplessness disturbs our mind even when we don’t want it. This is not in our hands but we can at least control temptation and greed.

We have the strength to do everything, then why not? Try to make the mind independent and don’t become slaves to it. It is alright if a train driver is not alert but a truck driver has to be alert at all costs else it will result in an accident. A spiritual person and a worldly person, both ask Why Not? A sinner would ask “why not”  in terms of doing sin and a religious person would ask “why not” in terms of doing religious work. Mind is neutral and it depends on us what we want to convert it into.

” It is better to be lazy than to be busy in doing wrong”


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