Nitivakyam Day 13

“We have both day and night with us. It is important to distribute time evenly for each work”

We have to know what work has to be done during the day and what work has to be done during darkness. If we do not distribute or segment our work then three things will be disturbed:

1. Relations:

We are running behind money day and night that we do not have time left for our family. We are running away from our responsibilities towards our family.

“Anything in excess is poison

We have to know how much time to give to each work. If we have differentiated and segmented food into breakfast, lunch and dinner, we have to know to segment our work as well. Have we set time for each kind of work? Have we set aside time to maintain our relations. Even birds and animals go out hunting food during the day and rest during the night. We have to learn to give time to our relations. What do we want to do – Leave relations for wealth or leave wealth for relations? Which is our top priority.

2. Health:

Our health will be affected if we do not distribute our work. They say health is wealth. But how much time are we dedicating towards health? Good health is necessary for the coming days. What is the goal of our life? What is the use of a life without any goals? What would we like to have, be or do? We should avoid any area of life that will disturb our peace of mind.

Three things that are not good for us is
a. A goal-less life – Having no goals in life.
b. A weak heart – A heart that is not strong enough to take decisions. We keep thinking that we will do if we can. But we must have a firm mind and say that we will definitely do it. We get disturbed by the smallest obstacle. We must learn to set goals at least for each day.
c. A weak body – A body that has no strength and is weak is of no use.

In life it is very important to have goals, a strong heart and body. There will never be a day when our work will never be pending, Even during our last breath we will many things pending. We have to learn to take our time for religion if not the world will never give us time for religion until our last moment. We will not get time for religion but we have to take out time for it. What is the position of religion in our life – that of a steering wheel or a spare wheel? Let us think about it.


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