Nitivakyam – Day 12


” There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills.”

The person who doubts in every area can never be successful and he will never succeed in his work. What we possess will construct our personality but what we are will construct our character. Doubt ends both our personality and character. Education today does not focus on character and is more focused on personality development. What do we want our family to progress in – personality or character? What is our mentality?
Doubt can attack and disturb us in five areas of our life:
1. Doubt attacks and disturbs relations:

If doubt comes in between a Guru and his disciple, a husband and his wife, between a father and his son, it can end all these relations.
“Doubt is like a poison in the milk of relations”
In order to save relations, we will have to end doubt. What is our mentality in this? With doubt comes, tension and reaction. Can our life move smoothly with doubt? There will be no balance in life if we doubt the smallest thing in life. Faith and devotion is very important in any relation. So does our relations contain more of doubt or more of faith?
2. Doubt attacks and disturbs our health and balance of mind:

We dress up so well so that people can look at us, but if someone stares at us continuously for ten minutes we start doubting the person. Doubt will definitely disturb our health and there will be no more mental peace left in our life.

3. Doubt attacks and disturbs success:

We should never leave and change the horse in the middle of our journey in case we start doubting it ability as we will never be able to reach the destination. We must never take a step just because we like the path, but we have to check destination as well. If the destination is right, we must never think of how the path would be. We have to have the courage to take the step. Continuity is very important in doing something tough as continuity will make the tough also easy. We must not have doubt whether it is in spiritual life or worldly life as doubt and indecision both are dangerous. In worldly life, the path is easy but destination is bad and in religion, the path is tough but destination is good. We can get the top result in the tough path as well.

4. Doubt attacks and disturbs our Present:
If doubt comes in between what we are doing, then achieving our goal is next to impossible. We start doubting after fasting or giving donation to the poor. Can a farmer grow good crop if he is going to doubt and out the seeds in the field. He has faith and trust. To save our present and to save what we are doing, we have to remove doubt from our lives. There should be a lot of zest and enthusiasm in what ever we do.

5. Doubt attacks and disturbs our virtues:

We run behind wealth, status and power as we feel all these have all the strength and power in the world. But have thought that virtue also has power in it? Bending, being happy with whatever we have, generosity, kindness are all strengths and not weakness. The biggest strength of a person who is happy with what he has is the ability to say “NO”. Wealth will not accompany us after death, but what will accompany us is our virtues. It does not cost money for having good virtues. The world does not go on with aggregation but with virtues.

We might be able to walk with a thorn in our legs but we will not be able to walk happily. Similarly with doubt life will never be smooth and joyful. A six month old baby does not recognize its mother but has full faith in her even without recognizing. We must never insist on recognizing the ones who have done favor on us but we have to blindly love them. We doubt if someone gives us good news and we trust someone completely if they give us bad news about someone. We will have to remove doubt from our lives to live a happy peaceful life.

“Doubt is an explosive that can break a courageous mountain”


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