Nitivakyam – Day 8

“Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you”

The only way to teach a lesson to those who curse you or hate you is to do good for them so that they can come on the right path. It is the work of our goodness and holiness to protect us and we have to protect our religion. We should never become enemies with those whom we have to protect. It is a sin to punish another person for their faults. Are we interested in forgiveness, are we interested in punishment or are we interested in love? What are we interested in?

“Love even those who hate you”

Weapons would end your enemies but love would end your enmity! The death of love is more dangerous than the death of our body. Which is more destructible? Even God is unsuccessful in saving the body but no one can be unsuccessful in saving love. There is no expiry date for Love. We have to at least try our best to save love as much as possible and whatever is in our control. We have to take an oath that we will not let our love for others end as long as we are alive. There will be no struggle if life and love become one.

“It is not important what wrong another person has done to you, but what is important is how we react to them. It is not important what a foolish person says, what is important is what a wise person has to say”

Our goodness will protect us as long as we protect our religion. It is important to do good to the one who does wrong unto you so that you can change their heart and bring them on the right path. It has never been possible for anyone in this world to stay on number one position in any field, be it the field of beauty, wealth, power or status. There has always been someone better than us. In the field of religion no one wants to come to the number one position.

The person who befriends fault and imperfection is on the path of destruction. We have compromised with greed, selfishness, lying and desire.
The person who become enemies with fault and imperfection, will be defeated by it.

So we cannot make weakness, faults and imperfection our friend or foe. What we have to do is bring something greater than our weakness, that is, our qualities and strength and weakness will automatically go away.  This is the mathematics of spiritual life. In this world, a person is not great when he does what he has to do, but a person is great when he does not do what he should not be doing! This is the biggest challenge.
Mistakes are committed by humans, the one who repents over his mistakes is a saint, the one who supports his mistakes and thinks what he has done is right comes in the category of a devil.

“Darkness cannot end darkness,  only light can do that”

So lets bring light into this world and love each other, even the ones who hate you.

Nitivakyam – Day 9

Everything in this world has a nature to it. Religion has a nature. Fire has the nature to burn anything, where ever it goes. A snake has the nature to bite and scare people. Similarly a Rogue has a quarrelsome, aggressive nature and they create hatred wherever they go.

A rogue creates trouble wherever he goes. What category do we fall in? What opinion does the public have about us as a person. Are we gentleman or rogue’s in their opinion. Do we create trouble or do we provide solutions? Duryodhana was aggressive in nature and even Sri Krishna could not change him. What is our goodwill in our family, society and country? Do people feel good after hearing our name or do they look to avoid us? What is our recognition?

“A fire is dangerous but when it comes in the company of a wind, it becomes more dangerous”

Similarly a rogue is dangerous and when he gets the support of goodness, he can cause a lot of destruction.

“In life defeat is not that dangerous than our downfall”

It is okay to lose in a battle than to fall in our nature. Which one do we want to avoid in life – Defeat or Downfall? What is our mentality? Duryodhana and Ravaan never wanted defeat in their life. We have to observe where we are. A flower spreads its fragrance no matter where it is as its nature is to give fragrance. Vibishan was the flower of Lanka.

“Great conquerors never fight over small issues”

In order to refrain from becoming a rogue and creating problems, we have to be away from three things:

1. Insistence(आग्रह):

Requiring something and being insistent about something are two different things. In insistence we express our urgency in wanting something. Its like saying, ” I must have it”. This nature of us will create battle. If we observe the root of our aggressiveness and quarrelsome nature, it is nothing but insistence. We must have “Let Go” Attitude. A river is able to reach the ocean because it has no insistence in its nature but just keeps flowing.

2. Attachment (लगाव):

We are so attached to every little thing in this world. Be it a pen, pencil, clothes or anything, we are more attached to them than people. This attachment also create battle and we become quarrelsome in nature.

3. Ego(अहंकार):

Ego and the feeling of self importance will also create battle and make us a rogue.

A rogue has these three qualities – insistence, attachment and ego which creates battle and hatred everywhere. We should not make our life schedule so tight that no one enter our lives. We are running for the future of our family and ruining their present by not spending time with them.

“Salt and Sugar are the enemies of body, Fault and Anger are enemies of soul”


We have to leave the insistence of being perfect and seeing perfection in everything. Perfection has killed many people. We have to protect and save our Relation and Religion. A wall creates difference between a building and a man and our words create a difference between a gentleman and a rogue. Our ego comes in between and stops us from accepting our mistakes. We always want what is not there. Only our relations will help us during our weak times. If we can’t save our relations, we will not be able to save our religion. We have to be like milk in water and not like oil in water.

We can identify a rogue from his words. We have to observe what is our goodwill in our family rather than our name in the world. So lets be away from perfection, insistence, attachment and ego that can ruin our lives. Lets try our best to be in the category of a gentleman rather than a rogue.


Nitivakyam – Day 10

There are two kinds of areas in life, one is the world and the other is religion. Even after having power in religion, we don’t want to go forward in it but we want to run in this world even when there is not enough power. We underestimate ourselves in the field of religion.

There are four things we need to check:

1. Check Your Holiness(पुण्य):
We keep taking risk in this world, but have we checked our goodness or our holiness? After every sunrise there will be a sunset, after light there will be darkness, after happiness there will be sorrow also. When your son is not ready to listen to you, understand that your goodness and holiness are lacking. At that point, all you have to do is do nothing at all and the situation will improve. Results will show up only when there is goodness.

“By doing nothing, everything is done”

2. Check Your Manliness(पुरषार्थ):

Along with our goodness, we have to also check our manliness and the limits of our strength. Today’s generation is becoming old, have slip disc problems at the age of forty. They are continuously working for money without any rest. Even if we have goodness, we cannot do anything without manliness. So we have to keep checking our manliness.

“Anything in excess is poison” 
We have to stop ourselves somewhere, no matter how big the greed! Today, going to clubs and parties late night has become a trend. Where are we heading towards? The person who does not control in times of strength will be left helpless in the time of weakness. There will be nothing left. We must not take risk where we don’t have the ability.
3. Check Your Worthiness(पात्रता या योग्यता):
We must understand our worthiness and learn to say “NO”  before accepting anything from anyone. Though we have goodness and manliness, are we worthy? Have we checked our worthiness? The world is on fire as we don’t have enough worthiness and we keep expecting. Our enjoyment and happiness is only for us but our good qualities will help everyone. Our sins will disturb only us but our bad qualities will disturb everyone. Why do we want to disturb everyone? We have to check the limits of our worthiness. When it rains, the amount of water we collect depends on the size of the vessel we use to collect the water.
After having all these qualities of Holiness, Manliness and Worthiness, we need the grace of God which backs all of these. We must not underestimate ourselves in the area of religion and start taking some risk.
“We close the window when it smells. Similarly we have to close the window of our mind from where bad thoughts come inside”.

Nitivakyam – Day 11

An Initiative of Ratnatrayee Trust

  Day 11

“A true gentleman and wise person is the one due to whom others are not hurt”

To know what kind of voice I have, it is important to take others opinion. A gutter has to ask others what kind of smell comes from it. A crow thinks its voice is very sweet but in others opinion it does not have a good voice. Similarly it is necessary to ask and take others opinion to know our own nature. It is not necessary to ask opinion in regards to health, wealth, status or power. It is important to know how others feel because of us. Our good nature can become a reason for others happiness and joy. Our wealth , health, power and status can become a reason for jealousy in others. What is our goal? Do we want good nature or health, wealth and power?

If our nature is bad, people will not come to us even if we have wealth. Religion is interested in only one thing  – our good nature. If others are sad because of us then our life has no meaning. To maintain a good nature it is important to keep our ego on number two position. A person who keeps his ego on number one position cannot have a good nature. A good nature is the key to a building’s gate. The only barometer for progress is good nature.

We know that a cuckoo has a sweet voice and a crow does not have a good voice,  from others appreciation and opinion. Are we ready to accept that our character and nature can be wrong? To make our nature good we have to follow:

1. Voice Beauty is more important than Voice Purity:

It is important to first think of the beauty of our voice before thinking about the ways to  make it pure. We have to first bring beauty in our words. It is voice purity when we say “I am right” and it is voice beauty when our words don’t hurt the other person. We have to learn to be happy with whatever we have. Even if we don’t get what we want, we have to like what we have. What disturbs us in bringing beauty in our words especially for our family members? We will become popular only if we have a good nature. People will not even consider the good works of a bad natured person. People did not like Duryodhana and Raavana for the same reason.

2. There are two types of  truth:

a. Truth is what it is –  This type of truth does not do any good for us.
b. I will support the truth that is for my good.

A Saint’s life is full of truth that does good to them. There is a lot of difference between fact and truth. Truth what it is can see only the truth near by and the truth for our good can see long distance truth as well. Science can break a big mountain and religion can fix the broken parts. Religion does the work of converting a soul into God. Why are we running behind money even after having enough? A true master is the one who can sacrifice and the one who owns everything is a slave to it. There is a lot of risk in the path of success and there is a lot of pain in the path of meaningfulness.

Lets make our words beautiful before purifying it and let us focus on making our nature so good that no one is hurt because of us.