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Bhartruhari was once sitting in a cave in the jungle. There was a diamond in the cave. A horse rider was going that way and he saw the diamond. He thought, ‘”If it was a diamond, it should be very costly and I could have many things I desire. He stepped down to pick up the diamond and another horse rider came that way and saw the diamond. Both were Rajputs and so took out the sword to fight for the diamond. Bhartruhari was seeing this scene and thought that even he was a King once upon a time, but left all the riches and came to the jungle. Bhartruhari saw that both Rajputs were fighting for the diamond and both cut off each other’s head. The diamond was there and both left the world.

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are”

We know what our center of life should be. Now we should know what is the character of our life. First let us understand the definition of character. In education field, character is when the student does not copy in the exams. In the same way in different fields, there is a different definition of character. In business life, definition of character is that we should not lie. In business field there are three things that we require  –
Bypass, Speed breaker and Break.
    1.Bypass:  In business life, we need bypass. Bypass means no violence in business life and have no hatred feeling towards anyone. Water’s character is to flow but when stored in the freezer it becomes solid. Anger in business life is alright. The feeling of anger comes and goes off. But if we store the anger in our heart it turns into a hatred feeling. Are we ready not to have jealous or hatred feeling towards the person who has to return us our money from the past few years?  Are we ready not to have hatred feeling towards the one who is doing better than us in business? Are we ready not to bring them down in any way? This is the character in business life bypass. Jealousy brings hatred and hatred brings violence.

Love sees sharply, hatred sees even more sharp, but Jealousy sees the sharpest for it is love and hate at the same time”


Jealousy, Hatred, Violence are three things we should never have in business life. Are we ready not to be jealous against our own brother if he is doing better in business than us? What is our mentality? It is like covering a rotten wood with sun mike. Where are we in the field of wealth of wisdom?

“Jealousy is a vessel filled with acid. The vessel filled with it will definitely burn”

Likewise, the person towards whom we have a jealous feeling might not be affected, but we will definitely burn in the desire of jealousy. Our love, friendship, peace, satisfaction will all burn in the desire of jealousy.
If we would like to have peace in life, we have to learn to be happy with what we have.
                          “If you don’t have what you like, like what you have”
2. Break: We have to apply break in our life where we see that our health, happiness and family are at risk. We have to stop when we know that our health is at risk, inner happiness is ending, and love towards our family is not there anymore.

OnA 32 year old man was sitting near Gurudev. A politician had come to meet Gurudev. Gurudev then sent the man to the politician to collect some documents. The politician then offered the man Rs 2 Crores per year if he would work with him. The man then asked the politician,” If I agree to work with you, would my happiness remain steady, would I be able to eat my food on time, would I be able to get the good sleep that I get now and would I be able to spend time with my family”. The politician said he cannot guarantee all of this as he has to work day and night. The boy then disagreed to work with the politician. He left the huge amount of money for his inner peace and family. Are we ready to apply such breaks in our life too? What is the logic of running behind money all the time? Inner Peace, love and good health is the real happiness in life.

3. Speed Breaker: We say that we are running behind money for our family. But did we ever ask our family if they would want to be with us in the next birth also? There will be one time where there will be no point of return. What have we achieved in life? A speed breaker is there to lessen the speed of the vehicle. Similarly in life, we have to put a speed breaker in life when we feel that we don’t have time to do good things. We have to reduce the speed with which we are running behind money and have no time for ourselves. We have to take out time to talk to our loved ones. It is important that people love us more than know us.

 “Anything in excess is poison”

If we apply these three things in life, we can improve our life vastly. Where money has become top priority, relationships have definitely ended.


Wealth of Wisdom – Day 3

A Initiative by Ratnatrayee Trust

A man was in trouble. He had problems in business and family life. He decided to end his life the next day. He then decided that the next day even if one man smiles at him, he will drop his plan to suicide. What will our reaction be if we see a stranger in sorrow with a sad face? Would we smile at him or just neglect him?

There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well.”

What is our contribution of life? Suppose we are walking bare feet and there is a person going in the car, we ask him to drop us where ever he is going and he might refuse to drop us. Suppose we are walking bare feet and a person going in the car agrees to drop us and we refuse to accept his kindness, which is more sorrowful?

If we are alone in sorrow, we might be able to bear it, but if we are alone in happiness, we will not be able to bear it and we will definitely get disturbed that there is no one to share our happiness.
So how ready are we to share our happiness with everyone?

There are four types of wealth in life that we need to focus on:

1. Fortune Wealth(भाग्यालक्ष्मी): 

“We make our own fortunes and we call them fate”

Fortune is that which we get by luck or fate. A man who is born in a rich family from birth is because of his fortune, luck or fate. His manliness is nil in this case. A man born in a poor family from birth is also because of his fate or luck. We have eyes to see, ear to hear and tongue to speak from birth and some people are born blind, deaf and dumb from birth. This is also due to fate.

    “Each man is the architect of his own fate”

2. Holy Wealth(पुन्यलक्ष्मी):

This is a fortune that we get due to our good deeds. The wealth that we got due to our good deeds is again used in good deeds. This is due to our own holy nature or our good deeds in our previous life. In business, if we are going very good, is it because of our own intelligence or due to our good deeds? 1% it is due to our own intelligence and 99% it is due to our good deeds. If our good deeds don’t back us in the time we require   help, we are in crisis. An educated person is hunting for jobs in comparison to the one who is uneducated. Why? Because of lack of holiness. Do we use the things that we have got due to our good deeds in a good way or bad way? So what is the contribution of our life? How ready are we to give and share? An abundant river is ready to give anytime. A pond is ready to give water but we have to go to it to get water. A tree is ready to give it fruits to anyone who comes to it. What is our mentality in this field of contribution? What is our goodwill? Are we ready for donation? Why are we not ready to give? No one is with the one who does not contribute.

“Not having anything with us is alright in comparison to not having anybody with us”

3. Sin Wealth(पापलक्ष्मी):
In this case, the wealth would have come from the wrong way and would be used to do only wrong. If the wealth that we have is used for mobiles, TV, Flat, car and for all luxuries but not for any good work is due to our sins. What is our wealth being used for? Do we donate as much as we spend for our own luxuries?
For eg, In Surat, a woman met Guruji and said that her Son always keeps donating. She was appreciating her Son for his good deeds. The Son then replied, “Guruji, it is all because of the good culture that my family taught me from my childhood”.

Have we give our children such knowledge?

“The virtues of donations are great because it helps the needy and at the same time it gives an opportunity to the donor to give the surplus to the people in need. It helps the needy to sustain himself. ”


Here is another story. A man was going to the temple in winter. It was very cold. He saw a beggar shivering in the cold and the beggar did not have any cloth on his body. He went home and asked his mother for clothes to help the beggar. The mother took out her Son’s expensive shirt and asked the boy to give it to the beggar. The Son said, “Mother, you are so great. You are giving such an expensive shirt to the beggar”. The mother replied,”If you want to donate, donate good things”. The boy then went to the beggar and gave the shirt. The beggar was surprised to see the boy giving him such an expensive shirt so that he can protect himself from the cold. The beggar said,” Sir, you are so kind to give me such an expensive shirt. But there is another beggar who lives nearby and he has no clothes at all. I request you to please give the shirt to him”.
Even a beggar has such a character! Where are we? What is our contribution towards life? We spend money for watching movies in a theater but when the time comes to give a beggar even Rs 2/- we doubt him! This is our mentality!

4. Cursed Wealth(शापित लक्ष्मी):
This type of wealth is always stored. It is never used for any work and is just stored. This type of wealth is called Cursed Wealth.


“Crisis is born when wealth is stored,
 Crisis ends when wealth flows”

We keep increasing our wealth and keep it in fixed deposit. What is the use of such wealth? Lets bring the change by giving and donating.

Let us all move towards contribution. Lets donate, be happy and lets other live happily! Lets contribute when ever we get an opportunity to do so. This is the wealth of wisdom

Wealth of Wisdom – Day 4

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Once the President went to the jail and called four different prisoners and asked them if they had any issues. Prisoner number 1 said, “We don’t get Bajra Roti in our lunch and I expect that”. Prisoner number 2 said, “There are too many mosquitoes in the jail and I definitely want a mosquito net for protection”. Prisoner number 3 said, “I have heard that I will be transferred from barrack number three to barrack number four. I want to be in barrack number three only as I am more used to this”. Prisoner number 4 said, ” Before coming to the jail I had my own goodwill in the society and I was in a big post. I might have come to the jail for whatever reason, but I am not being treated as per my post and my goodwill. I want to be treated right”.
The first prisoner only had an expectation of what he required, second prisoner was insistent about what he wanted, third prisoner had an attachment towards the barrack and the fourth prisoner had ego problem.

There are four things:
1. Expectation(अपेक्षा)
2. Insistent(आग्रह)
3. Attachment(आसक्ति)
4. Ego(अहंकार)

If we notice that there is no peace in our life and there is a lot of struggle, then the reason for it would be one of the above.
Today we are going to discuss Communication of Life.


First let us understand the meaning of communication.
If ash falls in milk, there is struggle. If water falls in oil, there is connection, if sugar falls in milk, relationship is born.

So there are three things to keep in mind:
In business, how are our relations with everyone – with our customers, with our employee’s, and with our parents and society. What is our relation like? Is it a relation with struggle, connection or good relation?

We have to focus on four things:

1. Social Life: What is our social life? What is our connection with the society? What is our biggest contribution of society towards us? It is that, society has kept us in limit and reminded about our principles. Society has taught us civility. What is our tuning with the society? As our wealth increases, our communication with the society starts ending.

Social Life

A man came to meet Gurudev. He said he had killed 17 people. He said that there was a society of criminals where he stayed. They had a rule that if they killed any man, they would meet his wife the same day and promise that they would give her monthly Rs 3000/- until she got married again. It was their responsibility to take care of these women. Their rule was that they would not touch any woman. Society has taught us what kind of food to eat, what to drink and what type of clothes to wear. The parents who are insistent that their kids follow the morals and culture are sad today as this generation is not ready to listen to their parents. Today’s generation want to go their own way. So what is our social life like?

2. Family Life: Is there any communication left with our family – with parents, husband, wife, daughter-in-law, son etc? We simply say that there is a generation gap. Generation gap will always be there between a father and his son. They cannot be of the same age for sure. There is no communication at all! What is our family life like? A son feels good to sit and talk to his friend rather than his father. Facebook has become such an addiction that no one has time for their family members.

Happy Family

Why is there such an environment in our family? There is no love between anyone. We need heart for communication and not intelligence. It might happen that our thoughts might not be alike but there has to be communication. Have we ever seen parallel rail tracks meet? But the rail tracks are always together and they help a train reach its destination.

The center of both Ramayana and Mahabharata is family. What is our family life? If we have ten minutes in the evening after all work is done, why don’t we have the heart to sit with our family members. What do we wish – Do we want to achieve something good or become good?

” In Life’s Journey, what we have achieved is not important but what we have become is important”

Wealth of Wisdom – Day5

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There were two son’s of a man who stayed in the same family. One son has such a good life that we cannot express in words and the other had such a worst life. There was such a big difference between both the brothers who stayed in the same family. A journalist too the interview of the brother who had a very bad life and asked, “Why is your life so bad?” . The son replied,”I am experiencing what my father has experienced in his life. I drink, smoke, get angry, beat my wife”. The journalist then asked the other brother the secret to his good life. He replied,” It was due to his father”. The journalist was shocked that one brother blamed his father for his bad life and the other gave credit to his father for his good life. The brother who had a good life said that his father used to drink, beat his mother, consumed tobacco and lost all money in business. He had kept his father’s life in front of his eyes and the results of what his father had done and made his life better. He did not take the path his father had taken and hence had a good life.

Today we are going to discuss the Community of Life and the following points are worth thinking about and community of life means:

In which phase of life do we want to be?
a. Progress Phase(विकास)
b. Rest Phase(विश्राम) or
c. Destruction Phase(विनाश)

In this worldly life, there are many things we need to do. We have to do business to progress in life and that is Progress phase. In spiritual life, when we go the temple and saints, we are in the Rest phase. When anything disturbs us in our life we are in the destruction phase. Which is more attractive to us?

In which of these phases do we like to be longer – Progress phase, Rest phase or Destruction phase? Which one do we pray for? Which one gives us more happiness? Do we like to sit and watch TV, play games, go to disco, hotels, clubs etc. These are all the destruction phase. Do we like to sit with friends who talk wrong or with Saints who talk good and pure? When do we feel light? Where do we want to go? Community of life is what decision do we want to take for our life? Which path do we want to choose for ourselves? Where are we? A saint’s life is pure because of the Rest Phase. There is nothing to hear, do or see wrong.
We are actually more towards destruction phase as we feel that gives us happiness. A smoker knows that smoking can affect his health but he still smokes as he feels good for time being. A person who drinks wine also knows it is bad for health but still drinks. This is all self destruction. Can we give time to temple as much as time we give for TV?  Let us observe ourselves and choose the right for ourselves.


“We know too much, and are convinced of too little. Our literature is a substitute for religion, and so is our religion”

What is our mentality in the field of literature. What is the standard of the newspapers, magazines, books that are lying on our table? What is the first impression of the guests who visit our house – do they think that we have such good morals and culture?

The day Bhagat Singh was about to be hanged to death, he was reading a book. The jailor asked what he was reading and that it was time for his death. Bhagat Singh replied that,” Sir, I am reading a book on our country and only two pages are left. Let me finish this and then I am ready to die”.
So what kind of Literature do our family members read? We just have mobiles and TV.  We read all kinds of books but don’t read literature on purity! The biggest strength of a Saint’s life is Literature. We are never interested to read these kind of books. Today, magazines with vulgar supplementary are a part of our literature.

A lady once decided to commit suicide as her husband was in some trouble and everything had ended. She wrote a suicide note. She went to her friend’s house to give the note so that her friend and give it to her husband after her death. Her friend was having a bath and it was taking some time. In the mean while the lady found the book,”Muskaan Bhari Mrutyu” by Acharayaji. After reading few pages of the book, she dropped her suicide plan and decided that she will face any difficult situation but will not commit suicide. Her friend then came and asked her the reason she had come. The lady replied that she had just come to meet her and left. A good book saved a life!

“The decline of literature indicates the decline of a nation”


What type of person do we like to sit with? What is our company like? What type of friends do we have and like to have? Do we like a person who speaks about donation or about making money? What is our inner attraction towards? Would a beggar like to be friends with a beggar or a rich man?
We should never be friends with people who break our relations and our family, who give us wrong ideas and thoughts. We have to leave anything that disturbs our peace, purity and happiness.

“You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him”


What type of thoughts give us happiness? We are independent to choose our thoughts and what we think. There are no restrictions in what we would like to think.The one who resides near a gutter can never get the fragrance of a rose! Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves”

Let’s be alert and change our lives!